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Many of you have asked over the past several months where I purchased my carved oak wooden dining chairs (my favorite dining chair) in my breakfast area adjacent to the kitchen, so today I’m here to answer that question along with giving you some tips for finding the right dining chair for your table (you can see more of my chairs here & here).  First of all, I’m sad to report that at the moment this chair is no longer available.  It went out of stock not too long after I purchased the set last year but no worries because I’ve sourced several chairs below that are very similar to mine and range in price for all budgets.

But first, if you are looking for some new chairs now or in the future, here are some great pointers to remember for comfort, ease, a good look, proper height and width, and more.

  1.  A good standard width for an armless dining chair and one that will usually always be comfortable is around 22 inches.  If your dining room and/or dining table is especially large you can go even larger than that but at least make sure to keep the size in scale with your table.
  2. For maximum comfort avoid chairs that are more narrow than 17 inches as otherwise the surface/seating area won’t be large enough for a comfortable seat.  Chair depth should be at least 20 to 24 inches deep for the most comfortable seat.
  3. As a rule of thumb, dining tables are usually 29 to 30 inches in height.  Always try to allow for a minimum of 11 to 12 inches between the top of the seat and the bottom of the table and, 18 to 19 inches is the ideal height for a dining chair (the top of the seat).
  4. For an updated look, make the captain’s chairs (head of the table chairs) match but have them be different from your side chairs like mine below.transitional modern dining room

5.  Choose dining chairs that mimic the shape of your table like I have done here below with the rounded chair back paired with a round table.

6. Pair a more traditional set of dining chairs with a modern table (or vice versa) for a more updated look and never (and I repeat never) buy the set where the table and chairs are identical…always make sure to mix it up!

white farmhouse kitchen tulip table gray cowhide rug

7.  Matching your chairs in color to something else in the room such as an accessory or fabric will ensure your chairs will work well with that specific room’s decor.  This can also be done by simply using a pillow or throw on a chair like I’ve done in the photo above.

8.  Another fun thought is to mix and match chair styles even adding a bench into the mix for an eclectic look.  The bench is a great idea for families with lots of kiddos for ease of getting in and out and, it’s a fun idea in an outdoor space as well.

And last but not least are those chairs of mine that you might be wondering about.  These chairs are truly fun to not only sit in but they are great to look at.  They are super comfortable and while I won’t go into too much more detail since they are no loner available, I’ve gone on the hunt to source several similar chairs to give you some options for style and price to fit your needs and budget if you are going for this look.  Here is a basic 360 of the chair to give you an idea of what it looks like from all angles.

Carved Oak Wooden Dining Chair kravet riad drapes Gray cowhide rug gray wood floors-2

Carved Oak Wooden Dining Chair kravet riad drapes Gray cowhide rug gray wood floors-3

Carved Oak Wooden Dining Chair kravet riad drapes Gray cowhide rug gray wood floors-4

Carved Oak Wooden Dining Chair Round Gold Mirror Gray cowhide rug white tulip table-1

Here are 6 chairs that are very similar to my chairs but THIS ONE is the most similar (Affiliate links used).click images to shop

Here are a few more chairs that are somewhat similar to mine in shape and style but obviously different than my chairs.  Again, they are all at different price points.


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Thanks for stopping in ZDesign At Home this week and I look forward to seeing you again next week for my fall tour.  Please let me know down below if you have any questions and don’t forget to sign up for my weekly news letter for more tips and ideas on design!

Xoxo, Bree


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  1. We recently bought a dining set that includes a bench and 4 chairs. We loved the chairs because they are so comfortable. We also love the bench even though we don’t have any kiddos. I went on the hunt for 2 captain’s chairs with a different color/look and more fabric than the side chairs. After an exhausting hunt, I finally decided to order just 1 more of the same chair that came with the table. This would give us exactly 10 comfortable seating. Most of the captain’s chairs we looked at were either too big in diameter, out of our budget, not comfortable, or not good quality. In addition we would have to put one side chair some place else when not being used, and there was no good spot we could think of that would make it look not out of place. As much as I would have liked to have 2 captain’s chairs that looked different from the side chairs it just didn’t work out for us. So in our situation we bought a dining set and I still like the look.

    1. Hi there! If that’s what worked for you then I think that’s great, Debbie! I always think there can be exceptions to any design rule so I’m sure you did the best thing for your situation. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by!! Xo

  2. I know you mentioned they no longer make your favorite chair, but Can you tell us where you purchased your favorite chair? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Erica! They were from Wayfair. Not long after I started sharing them on Instagram they went out of stock then came back in for a short period of time and then I have not seen them on their site for almost a year now. That is why I sourced several others in my post, some of which are from the same place. Hope that helps:)

      1. You mentioned you were going to buy restoration hardware look a likes before finding yours that have been discontinued from Wayfair. Do you remember the name of these? Also do you remember the name or brand of your sold out kitchen chairs? Thank you

        1. Hi Kelley, in a different post I shared my barstools that are not discontinued…I just checked. Sometimes Wayfair changes the location of a product on their site and the link will go to a general landing page but the barstools I have linked on my barstool post (found here) are still available. In regard to my breakfast area chairs, there is no brand name and I have scoured the web to find them. For what ever reason they discontinued them shortly after I got mine. Thanks for stopping in and for commenting! Xo Bree

  3. I’m looking to get some dining room furniture. Thanks for the advice about how you can mix chairs and add in a bench for an eclectic look. Another thing to consider is to get dining room furniture that is durable.

    1. Hi Sarah! Yes, I agree! Never skimp on furniture that you’ll be using every day for sure! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!! 🙂 Xo

  4. I’ve been wanting to put new furniture in my dining room for a long time now, and have been looking online for some ideas. You wrote in your article that you should consider mixing and matching chair styles, and even considering mixing in a bench. I’ll have to find a nice furniture shop that has a variety that I could pick from, to make the perfect look. Thanks for the great ideas.

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