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I think when any of us have guests over we always want things to feel comfortable and inviting.  I actually wanted our guest room to have a cozy B&B feel so that my guests feel warm and welcome while at my home and I am super excited you are joining me on a tour today of this guest room retreat!

I knew I wanted to use a combination of color, pattern, and texture through my use of textiles and furniture to evoke that feeling of calm and relaxed luxury in this space that I was looking for.  I knew to start that I wanted to use this large scale white/navy geometric print fabric (on the drapes and euro pillows) and the Ikat on the 22″ bed pillows but then, I had to find a fabric that would  bring those two together in harmony so that this whole picture would work.  I have a rather large stock of fabric swatches so I began sifting through those and found a small scale geometric print for the bed pillow in front that would do just the trick.

Tip Time:  It’s always important when coming up with a pillow grouping that you have at least one pillow fabric that brings all of your pillows together.  That fabric should have at least one color in it that is in each of the other pillows to bring them all together so they make sense as a grouping, and you should have a different scale of pattern in each fabric.

transitional navy aqua bedroom

The next thing I did was to have the headboard reupholstered (similar).  I had had it for only a few years but when we moved into this home the moving company damaged the previous fabric pretty badly and had to reimburse us for reupholstering.  Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed because I knew I was ready to change it up anyway!!  I knew I wanted to use velvet because at the time velvet was a fabric I had none of in my home so I went through my fabric books and found this aquamarine that picked up on the aqua I was going to be using for the bed pillows.  I then picked a white linen for the contrasting cord on the headboard that was the same as the white linen in my drapery fabric.  The contrasting cord in the headboard helps to tie the headboard to the white linen duvet, drapery, and to the lamp shade across the room (more on that in a minute).  Do you see now how all of this is coming together?Transitional navy and aqua bed room-5

Version 2

The obvious choice for bedding was white linen for the duvet and sheets, along with this cozy, navy quilt and that completed my cozy B&B bedding look!  I was also lucky enough to find this large tasseled throw in just the right shade of aqua at HomeGoods to further complete this look.  I’ve linked a similar one here.

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-8

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-10

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-11

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The night stands (similar) were a great find at a store called Wisteria in Dallas (you may receive their catalog in the mail).  I had had my eye on them for a while for this project and when I visited the store was lucky enough to find them in the back in their clearance section.  I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to find two of the exact ones I was looking for on such a great sale!!  One of them needed a little TLC to one of the corners but my hubby was able to fix that with no problem…certainly worth it to get them for about 50% off!

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-12

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-13

I got the wooden ladder through a friend but since I get asked about this item so much I have linked it here for you.  It’s a great statement piece in the room and wonderful for draping a throw on, or for holding an extra blanket or a bath towel.

Transitional navy and aqua bedroom-17

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The accessories and lighting were items I already had or found at HomeGoods.  I love decorating with nature items and love this Grapewood Branch that I’ve had for years.  The lamps are stunning in the space and provide just the right amount of light and texture for the room.  They can be found HERE.  Lighting is such a crucial element in any space but especially in a space where your visitors will be staying the evening.  You don’t want your guest feeling they are unable to perform simple tasks such as getting dressed or reading because the lighting is insufficient so, proper lighting is always something to keep in mind when designing a space, especially a guest retreat.  In this room we have can lights, a fan with a light, and a lamp on the other side of the room on the desk, in addition to the bed side lamps.  And speaking of the desk, this was actually a console table we purchased not long after moving into our home to go behind our living room couch.  It didn’t work there but ended up working perfectly in here so this is where it found it’s new home and we love it here.  This is a piece we will always have a use for and more than likely will never part with.

navy and aqua guest room work space2-20

I talked more about this in my Well Appointed curtains post but one way I tied this side of the room to the bed side of the room was again through my use of fabrics.  I used the same small scale geometric print from the bed on a pillow for the chair and, I had this chair reupholstered in the same Ikat patterned fabric.  Another little tip about pillows here is that I used the same velvet from the headboard on this small scale geo pillow for a contrasting cord to again marry the fabrics I was using in the space.  This further helps to give the whole space continuity and flow.  And lastly, I had this fun lamp shade made by an Etsy shop that you can find here.  I sent them my own fabric but they have tons of fabric choices available!

Transitional navy and aqua bed work space-2

navy and aqua guest room work space-20

Another little design trick I used in this space was to dress two completely different types of windows in two completely different ways, but with the same fabric to bring them together.  The smaller window to the right is right beside the doorway so of course I didn’t want to hang curtains there.  This roman shade fit the bill perfectly however (I show I lot more of my curtains in this space here).  I also sprayed these frames (that were formerly black) in the same color of the headboard fabric to bring that color over to this area of the room.

Navy-aqua bedroom with Kravet Riad Navy Curtains-3

Navy-aqua bedroom with Kravet Riad Navy Curtains-1

Navy-aqua bedroom with Kravet Riad Navy Curtains-2

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And back to the bed side of the room, I recently added the white antlers to add a little pop of contrast and to draw your eye up. The artwork over the bed was a find at Crate & Barrel a long time ago.  It’s no longer available but I’ve linked something similar here since I get a lot of questions about this piece as well.

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-14

Transitional navy and aqua bedroom-18

Transitional navy and aqua bedroom-19

Transitional navy and aqua bedroom-16

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-8

Transitional navy and aqua bed room-2

Another item I get asked a lot about in this space is the custom bed skirt.  If I use a bed skirt in a room I typically have them made in a tailored box pleat style.  Again, I went through my plethora of swatches and pulled this one for it’s color, style, and playful pattern.  I had mine custom made by my workroom but I found something similar here on line.  If you are having one custom made, I have mine made to where they hit just above the floor (so about 1/4″ off the floor) and I measure down from the top of the box spring to get the perfect measurement/length.

Tailored Box Pleat bed skirt-1

Tailored Box Pleat bed skirt-2

Well that about wraps things up here but I hope you enjoyed the tour of our guest retreat and please let me know if you have any questions!  I hope our guests enjoy it as much as I enjoyed pulling it together!  Hope to see you back here next week when I talk a lot more in depth about the making of the perfect pillow, and please don’t forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.  And as always, thanks for stopping in ZDesignAtHome:)!

Navy/Aqua guest bedroom

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  1. Bree, I desperately want to stay in here! I have such a crush on all your cool-hued patterns in here. Also, I now know I need to go get some custom fabrics made into pillows and such. LOVE IT!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelley!! I hope you know you are welcome anytime my friend! And there is nothing like custom made, just makes it feel like it’s all your own because you designed especially for you:) Hugs to you sweet girl!! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Elise!! And thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a wonderful week sweet friend:)

  2. I love everything about this room! I have just begun decorating our guest bedroom. Well, I will be as soon as the bed and nightstand arrive (in a week or so). Could I get the details on the carpet please? We want to upgrade the not even two years old carpet in our new home (courtesy of the builder). Thanks! I love your entire home!

    1. Hi Shari! The carpet is a Mohawk carpet with a slight pattern. I’m so sorry that I do not have the name of the pattern but if you go to any carpet store they can show you all of their patterned Mohawks. And it was one of the more affordable ones too so hopefully that helps because a lot of the patterned ones can get pricey. The color is gray but kind of a warm grey (so it has a little brown in it). Hope that helps but feel free to email me from the contact portion of this site if I can help more. Xoxo

  3. Hi Bree, can you share your workroom name for bed skirt? I’m in Dallas! Thanks:)

    1. Hi Magen! I used to live in Virginia and that is where they are. It’s a to the trade only source so if you are a design professional you can get an account with them but if not, I can help you to have one made if you’d like. Otherwise, here is another source COM bedskirt that you might try and check out. You can send them your fabric for them to custom make one for you. Let me know if I can help by emailing me at zdesignathome@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping in and for commenting:)

    1. Hi Laura! I used Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore for the accent wall (the blue color) and Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams for the rest of the room. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping in:)

      1. Thank you!!! I’m going crazy picking paint colors. I might just go with this and not even buy samples. Lol

        1. I don’t think you could go wrong with either, Laura! They are both beautiful:))

  4. Hi Bree,

    Just love this colour scheme as we are doing something similar with a dark blue feature wall. Could you let me know where the fabric is from for the bed skirt, I adore it!

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Danielle! Thanks for stopping in and I’m so glad you like the room! You can find a link to all of the products in this space on my Home Resources page HERE however, I no longer have any info on that fabric. I believe it was a Kravet print if I remember correctly but don’t remember the pattern name. I’m so sorry but I have recently replaced it with something new from Tonic Living so if you are interested in purchasing it please feel free to email me (zdesignathome@gmail.com) and I’ll be glad to give you a price, etc. Thanks for stopping in! Xo

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