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One of the best parts of my job is getting to share beautiful home furnishings and accessories with you.  I always say that your accessories are the jewelry to your home and that styling the surfaces in your home is the art of putting the finishing touches on your designs.  It is the part that gets me all giddy about decorating and today I am excited to share some very special home accessories with you that I’ve recently come to love!

I am always sourcing beautiful, timeless pieces for my home and work and when I find something as beautiful as this recycled color block mason jar in gray (it also comes in gold) from EtúHOME, I know it will be a perfect addition to my accessory collection!  This was one of those pieces that took my breath away when I first saw it.  It also comes in 6 other colors (and clear) and all are incredibly beautiful!

Recycled Sustainable Color Block Mason Jar - Gray Dipped

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The quality of the dipped portion of the jar is amazing and I love the modern element it brings to this traditional piece!  Mixing those modern and traditional elements are what makes your vignettes and home more interesting and gives it that collected over time feel.

Sustainable Reclaimed Dip Dyed Vase - Sustainable Home Accessories from Europe with a Modern Element

Sustainable Home Accessories from Europe - Grey Color Block Modern Farmhouse Vase/Jar

You may have also noticed this beautiful pizza board and candle that I’ll talk more about in a moment from etúHOME?!  I’m kind of obsessed with both to say the least:).

Sustainable Reclaimed Pizza Board and Culinary pieces and candles from Europe

Incredible Sustainable Recycled Dip Dyed Mason Jar from France with modern and traditional elements - Modern Farmhouse Style

I love the way the reclaimed this beautiful pizza board can double as a tray to place my Recycled dipped glass jar on while it’s full of beautiful flowers!  I’m always looking for unique ways to display my flowers and I love the rustic element the pizza board adds to my trendy yet timeless new vessel.

Incredible Sustainable Recycled Dip Dyed Mason Jar from France with modern and traditional elements - Modern Farmhouse Style

Another item I’m loving for more reasons than one are the etúHOME candles! Each essential oil scented candle has its own story, each unique in its artisan craftsmanship.

etuHome Essentail Oils Candle From Europe - Amazing Soothing Scent with a Modern Design

Now I have to admit, for someone that loves and adores everything home decor I’m not much of a scented candle girl.  Not because I don’t love a beautiful scent in the air in my home but because I am sensitive to certain smells and even find it hard to wear perfume most of the time so a scented candle can really make me leery.  But, what I love most about these candles (besides their clean, modern look) is that the scent is clean and fresh and doesn’t bother me one bit and even more importantly, doesn’t give me a headache.  Additionally, I love their aesthetic and really love how they blend seamlessly into my existing home decor.

Scented Candles Made With Essential Oils that won't give you a headache - Lemon Ginger & Fig Leaf & Sea Salt

I have the ginger + lemon scent and the fig leaf + sea salt scent and both are simply lovely!  They evoke a sense of calm around our home while burning that my family and I enjoy and appreciate.  There are however currently several scents available and even an unscented candle is available as well.

Modern Sustainable Essential Oil Scented Candles from France

Modern Sustainable Essential Oil Scented Candles from France - Ginger + Lemon

I also love the marbling on the label which gives the etúHOME candle that clean, modern look I always seek to incorporate into my home.

scented candles. Each essential oil candle has its own story, each unique in its artisan craftsmanship.

etuHome Scented Essential Oil Candles Fig Leaf + Sea Salt - Sustainable home decor products from France

sustainable essential oil scented candles ginger lemon fig leaf sea salt vegatable wax candles-1

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Tips for maintaining your nice candles to keep them burning happy and healthy for a long time

(Source: etúHOME)

  1. Get your wick on! Snip your wick to 1/4 inch before every use which will allow it to burn slower and last longer + avoid unsightly black marks around the edge of the glass.
  2. Let there be light!  The very fist time you light and burn your candle, it’s very important to allow it to burn until the entire surface liquifies, which will help your candle to burn more evenly next time.
  3. Keep it straight!  After every use, align your candle’s wick back to an upright position to make it easier to light the next time you burn it.

Here is a beautiful snuffer set with wick trimmer I ran across while looking for appropriate scissors to trim the wicks on my new candles that I thought I’d share…who says a wick trimmer can’t be beautiful too?!

And last but certainly not least is this amazing Recycled wood pizza board!  I love this board for more reasons than one also but what I love most about it is that it’s smooth on one side like you can see here…

Sustainable Reclaimed Pizza Board and Culinary pieces and candles from Europe

And on the other side it’s a beautiful reclaimed wood piece of art!  I have been using it on the weekends to serve snacks to my family in style and my husband really appreciates the extra touch with the use of the pizza board as a serving piece.  My son of course loves the snacks:)!

Reclaimed Wood Sustainable Pizza Board from France - etúHOME Sustainable Culinary Accents

It is truly an artisanal piece and is one we will have for years and years to come and that can be passed down for generations.  And I can tell already that it will only get better over time…I love pieces like that, don’t you?!

Sustainable Modern Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Pizza Board by etúHOME - Made in France

Just look at the rustic detail in this pizza board…it is simply a stunning work of art!

Sustainable Modern Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Pizza Boards

EtúHOME has a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available in pizza boards  and other cutting boards to fit any need you might have for them.  And of course they are great for gifts too (along with the candles and color block jar) and the holidays are right around the corner:)!

Food Styling with etúHOME Sustainable Creations Reclaimed Wood Pizza Board - Modern Farmhouse Culinary Products

I hope you’ve enjoyed me sharing these beautiful, sustainable home accessories with you today!  This post was done in partnership with etúHOME but all opinions are my own and I only work with and accept product from companies that I have thoroughly researched and truly have an appreciation for their products.  Please consider signing up for my weekly news letter HERE and I hope to see you back soon, and thanks for stopping by today!

Beautiful & Sustainable Home Accessories + Tips for keeping your candles burning longer

Gray Dipped Mason Jar | Pizza Boards | Candles


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  1. Wow – great post. I too am sensitive to scents and also very interested in sustainability. This is great. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Becky, thank you so much! And thanks for stopping in already this morning. I’m so happy this post was helpful to you!! Have a wonderful day! xo

  2. Bree, I am dying over that vase and pizza board! I use boards on my island all the time but 1. don’t own a pizza board and 2. never thought of using one. I LOVE IT! And that vase is something else- will definitely be checking them out more. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Kelley, thank you so much! The pizza board and the jar are absolutely incredible and I know you will love etúHOME products!! Thanks for stopping in and I can’t wait to see which ones your get:)! xoxo

  3. Bree I’m in love with each of these items! They’re all so beautiful and your styling is perfection…Everything you pull together is always so inspiring! Those candles are so beautiful and I’m all for a clean smelling scent! Thanks for sharing your tips also – I’ll definitely use them because my candles never burn properly! Great post!

    1. Tamara, thank you so much for stopping in and I’m so glad you felt inspired here! The etúHOME products are really inspiring on their own and I’m super excited about all of my new goodies! Have a wonderful day, cutie!! xoxo

  4. Bree I absolutely LOVE that vase and the way you’ve styled it! So gorgeous!! And I have some Etu boards I display in my kitchen and they are my favorite! I need to check out those candles because I’m a total candle girl but Kenny doesn’t love strong ones like you. Beautiful things.. loved this post! xo

    1. Erin, aren’t the etú boards just AMAZING!!! I’m so glad you already have some…I’m truly in love with the quality and the design! I really, really love the candles and I know Kenney will too! I’ve never found a scented candle I can burn without getting a headache until now so I hope they will help him get over his candle fears too:) Thanks for stopping by, cutie! Have a great day! Love you!!!

    1. Brittany, I know whatever you decide to buy from them you will love and never be disappointed! Thanks for stopping in today, cutie!!! xoxo

  5. Bree – what a gorgeous vase! I love the dipped look – it’s really elegant like you said. It adds a lot! I will check out this home brand today.

    1. Thank you so much Tamisha!! I know you will love them and their amazing products!!! Thanks for stopping in today:) xo

  6. Bree that color blocked mason jar is fabulous!!! I love the way you styled it! The candles and pizza board all gorgeous too. This is a new brand to me and I’m excited to check them out. xoxo

    1. Jen, you will absolutely love etúHOME!!! I couldn’t be more excited about my new goodies and I know you will be too!! Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!!! xoxo

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you! I typically buy my flowers at my local grocery store which is HEB. I’ve also see beautiful blooms at Trader Joe’s as well! Thanks for stopping in today! xoxo

  7. Bree these pieces are stunning and you have styled them to perfection! That vase is fabulous and the pizza board is beyond charming! I want them all! So beautiful my friend!!! Xo

    1. Randi thank you so much!! You will definitely want them all once you see then! The quality of every single piece is superb and each item tells a story…so quintessentially you!! Thanks for dropping by today sweet friend!! xoxo

    1. Hi Jodi! Mine is the 23″. I love them too! Such a great piece to use now and pass down later!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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