3 Simple Tips for Styling Your Kitchen Island

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The kitchen island can be somewhat daunting to style, especially if it’s larger in size and also due to the fact that your styling needs to work from all angles since typically you will be viewing it from all sides.  And I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to style the all mighty kitchen island but since this task can be somewhat overwhelming to some, I’ve decided to share just 3 simple tips today to make life a little easier in regard accessorizing the coveted island.

Simple Tip #One

Use a Collection of Vases!   This is probably my favorite way to style an island!  A collection of vases at varying heights makes such a statement anywhere in the home but even more so on the kitchen island as a focal point of the space.  Start with at least one large vase, urn, etc. and then work your way down in size from there.  make sure to include vases at varying heights and make sure to use odd numbers.  I used four vases but I also used the lid to one of my vases to give me that fifth (odd) number of items I’m always looking for when styling a vignette (I talk more about shelf, console, and coffee table styling here).


Have fun with it and arrange your vases until your vignette looks appealing from all angles.




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And of course adding some fresh and/or faux flowers to the mix never, ever hurts!



And last but not least, using something like I have here with the tall faux branches lifts your eye up and then allows it to float around the room all the while enjoying all of the beautiful scenery in the space.


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Simple Tip #Two

Use a large basket or Tray to display fresh fruit, flowers, and those  pretty dishes you’ve been saving!!  I think we can all agree that there is nothing better in the kitchen than fresh fruit and flowers and I think the island is the perfect place to show them off.  Also, displaying some of your dishes that don’t often get used because ya know, you’re always saving them for that special occasion, or shower you’re going to throw, or whatever the case may be??  These three items do three functional things…#1. Displays your fruit to encourage you and your family to eat it. #2. The flowers provide a pop of color to make the center of your kitchen come to life and #3. Those dishes you’ve been saving will make an appearance and might just bring some much needed pattern, texture, and personality to a typically cold space.


The patterned bowls I’ve used here to display fruit don’t get used often so using them for display gives them a job and puts a smile on my face every time I pass by since my pretties are no longer stored in the cabinet!



Using a functional basket to coral items and make them the focal point can serve as double duty by bringing some much needed texture into an otherwise chilly space.


And either fresh or faux flowers will always do (if you need some simple tips on how to keep your fresh flowers thriving for weeks…just check here & here!)


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Simple Tip #Three

Use a simple bread bowl!  A simple bread bowl can change your life when it comes to island styling so I would definitely invest in one for those times when you want something simple and completely clutter free in the kitchen!  Using one of these on your island is the perfect center piece and they come in all shapes and sizes and can hold anything from real or faux fruit and flowers, to seasonal items such as pumpkins in the fall and pinecones in the winter, etc.  You can even use one alone with nothing in it at all and it will still make a statement on your island!


I filled mine with these moss balls that come in a few different sizes but again, you can fill yours with anything that suites you.  Something I still want to try in mine are some faux artichoke hearts but the possibilities are endless!


A dough bowl filled to your hearts content will look nice from all viewing angles and bring some color and texture to your island and your kitchen.


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You can even use them for fresh flowers by using a shallow dish with water to lay the stems in.  This is one of my favorite ways to use mine and using a collection of wooden bowls to display fruit and flowers in would be just perfect!

dark pink alstromeria flowers in a bread bowl

flowers in a bread bowl

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I hope you enjoyed these fun, simple tips today!!  Now go style that island away and have fun!  Decorating any space in your home should always be fun and should reflect your personal style so always remember to put your spin on things when designing any area in your humble abode!!  Remember, you don’t want your home to look like someone else’s home…you want it to look like you;)!  Enjoy!!

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