TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal


Hi again!  I’m back this week with another reveal.  Although you’ve probably seen our TV gallery wall many times before, I’ve finally “finished” it recently and wanted to share the updates + reveal with you.  If you missed my Casual, Chic Dining Room Reveal last week, you can find that here.

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TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal Plus simple ideas for how to hang art around a TV

The main thing I focused on for this wall was the art around the tv and then everything else fell in place from there such as the olive tree, lamp and accessories.

I had two of the four frames already so I only had to add two more.  The only issue was that they no longer had the exact size frame I had originally purchased to start this job so I had to go with a different size to complete the project.  Fortunately the color is exactly the same in a gray wash and the size is the only thing that differs, but it worked out perfectly in the end.

These two in the center over the TV are 25″ square (exterior dimensions) with an oversized mat and a 8×10 photo opening.  The prints in the center are the same but one is turned up and the other down.

TV Gallery Wall Reveal + Tips

The two frames on either side are 20 x 24 (exterior dimensions) with an 8×10 photo opening as well for a cohesive look.

TV gallery wall reveal + tips

TV gallery Wall reveal

The two frames on the side graduate down around the TV and all of the frames are spaced 2″ apart.  The top of the frames on either side hit the frames over the tv (in the middle) right at mid point, all of which gives the photo gallery, again, a cohesive look.  The frames are also about 3.5″ above and to the side of the TV.  I purchased a digital download of these prints (one, two, & three) which was super quick, easy and inexpensive.  I have a full post HERE with more tips for hanging art if you’re interested.

TV Gallery Wall Updates & Reveal - faceted media cabinet

I really love the way it turned out and can easily switch out prints as the seasons change.  I also love that now the TV is no longer the focal point here and the art, faceted media cabinet (similar) and accessories become the star of the show.

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

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I know many of you probably have questions about this cabinet.  It’s from RH and while I no longer love the color (it’s a gray wash) it’s super functional and works great here.  Looking over my shoulder I wish I had splurged on this similar cabinet because I like the color way better but that decision is in the past now, haha!  I also recently added the same brass legs to it that are on my bed.  The legs are great because it lifts your eye up and dresses the cabinet up a bit.  I got the legs from West Elm but can no longer find them on their site or I would link them here for you…so sorry!  I get lots of questions about them on Instagram.

Here is  a close up of the legs for reference…

brass legs on the west elm andes bed

One of my new favorite things is the olive tree.  I read tons of reviews on olive trees at many different places and settled on this one and could’t be happier with it!

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

It’s super realistic and makes the room come to life!  I love how full it is and all of the great detail on this tree!

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

The trunk is also very realistic, just like a real tree.

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal - Realistic faux olive tree

It’s 84″ tall, although we took it out of the pot it came in so it would fit into this basket that I love so it made it considerably shorter but it’s current height now is great for the needs of this space.

TV Gallery Wall Updates - Great plant basket

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

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I also added this classic brass and glass lamp.  So simple and can be moved around the house to work in any spot.

TV gallery wall updates + reveal - glass & brass classic lamp

And this navy blue ombre vase

TV gallery wall updates + reveal - blue ombre vase

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

All of the other accessories such as the books (one, two, three & four), bowl and bone beads I already had.

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

I hope you like it.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I’m so glad you stopped by so I could share it with you!

TV Gallery Wall Updates + Reveal

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  1. Lovely! Great advice for taking attention away from the big tv. One question: I would have been inclined to center the tv and surrounding pictures over the console. You have everything slightly off to the (right) side, however, incorporating the plant into the vignette. Was that for any particular reason?

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the reason for it being off center was to incorporate the plant to the right. If there was more room on the wall I may not have done that but in person it makes sense, I hope it does on camera?! But I understand where you are coming from! Thanks again:)

  2. Hi! I just bought the noir console to use under my tv. I’m thinking that we can cut holes in the back for cords for the components (Blu-ray, TiVo). Is that advisable? Thanks!

    1. Hi Irene! It’s hard to say without seeing the piece but I believe it would be ok, more than likely. I have done it before and all worked out well. Best of luck! xo

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