One Room Challenge – Week Three

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Welcome back for week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  Can you believe we are half way there?…I can hardly wrap my brain around everything that has transpired over the past three weeks!

If you have been following along for the first two weeks, thank you and please know how excited I am to have you following along!  If you are new here and need to get caught up you can do that here – week 1 & week 2.

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I want to mention again how excited I am to be working with the following sponsors for this project!  I adore each one of these brands and please know that all opinions stated here in this post are 100% my own.

McGee & Co.

Tonic Living

Saatva Mattress


Boll & Branch

To say the past week has been a whirlwind would be an understatement.  Several items arrived for the room, we hung the grasscloth (big problems here as in my heart was in my stomach for about 18 hrs after it went up on the wall!), and we brought the nightstands up to the room from storage (p.s. I think I love them).

I suppose I’ll start with the wallpaper first since you’re probably dying to hear about my design dilemma I talked about on Instagram Stories.  So, I knew this could be an issue and I talked about it in week 2 but I never anticipated how bad it would be.  The grasscloth swatch had a bit of a creamy undertone but I never thought once it went up on the wall that it would look like this (can you say YELLOW??)…

Hanging grasscloth wallpaper for the ORC

Can you see the yellow undertone?  No, wait!  It’s not even an undertone…it’s just flat out yellow – UGH!!!  That was on Saturday so come Sunday afternoon my sweet, amazing hubby was putting up a fresh coat of white paint on the wall!  This is real life decorating folks and these are the things that happen sometimes in design, unfortunately. But we worked through it by simply painting over the grasscloth. When the paper went up on Saturday I think I literally went into a deep depression until we could get to the paint store the next day to fix it and then prayed that it would turn out alright but as it turns out, it was pretty simple to just paint over.  I’ll talk more about this in a subsequent post (with a lot more details) after the ORC is over.

Painting over grasscloth

Sadly the grasscloth will be for our viewing pleasure only probably because unless I get very close to the wall for photos you won’t be able to see the nice texture it provides in the space so it won’t make much of an impact for this challenge.  If however you are physically standing in the room it looks amazing and I wish I could do the whole room but of course I won’t since this is just a rental.  Like I mentioned in my week 2 post I would love to do a pretty wall mural or wallpaper here but everything I saw that I loved was either too expensive for this project or a mural that wasn’t large enough for the wall behind the bed.

painting over grasscloth

Next, you may have noticed the old bed still in the room.  The new bed is not in yet (but we should have it by this weekend) but the mattress did arrive and we are beyond excited about it.  So far we have slept on it for 5 nights and this is hands down the best mattress I’ve ever slept on!  The reason we chose Saatva Mattress is because my husband has had some back trouble over the years and not only did his chiropractor recommend Saatva, when you do the research on-line you will find that it is recommended as one of the best mattresses all around in addition to being great for people that struggle with back pain.  We couldn’t agree more!!

The best mattress for back pain

The best mattress for back pain, recommended by chiropractors

One thing I really love is that this is not just another bed in a bag or box.  Maybe I’m wrong but I always felt like putting a bed in a box couldn’t possibly mean that it could be structurally sound once it comes out of the box and now I sort of feel like I was right about that.  Seriously I feel like we are finally grown ups now with this amazing mattress.  It feels like you are sleeping on a cloud of dreams!  It was also delivered to us via white glove delivery which made the whole experience even better.  You can check out this incredible company, Saatva Mattress and more about their mattresses here.

The best mattress for the best sleep and for back pain, highly rated and chiropractor recommended

You may have also noticed a pretty new light in the room, which is totally different from the one I originally picked out?!  In the end I went with this incredible white wood chandelier from Wayfair.  I love that I can always get high end designer items at Wayfair for great prices plus free shipping. Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

Tilda 5 light mini chandelier

This chandelier was perfect for the space because it is somewhat petite and feels light and airy so it actually makes the room feel larger because it causes your eye to go up when you walk into the space.  Couldn’t love it more and I can’t wait to see this piece become an integral part of the room once things really start to come together!  I may end up getting another one and use them as a pair when we finally get into our home next year.

Tilda 5 light mini chandelier

shop this look of this gold mirror and marble table lamps and fur stools

Boll & Branch sent this beautiful white, organic cotton waffle blanket that I seriously can’t get enough of too.  It’s crazy soft and I can’t wait to get it on the bed finally on install day (I’m definitely saving this one for the big day)!

the best, softest organic waffle blanket - white

I’ll also be using this Boll & Branch white basketweave quilt and shams and couldn’t be more excited.  I can’t get over the excellent quality and how soft they are!  Absolutely can’t wait to get them on the bed soon.  Together the lightweight waffle blanket and quilt will make the perfect summer bedding solution.  I can always count on Boll & Branch for the best quality, softest bedding pieces that take my bedding to the next level!

The best, softest organic bedding - white basket weave quilt and shams

shop this look of this gold mirror and marble table lamps and fur stools

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me do some stories earlier in the week about these beautiful pillows (here & here) from McGee & Co. that I couldn’t be more excited about as well!  I’ve been wanting a XL lumbar for quite some time now and when I saw this one in their newest items that launched recently I knew it was the perfect pillow for my ORC bedding.  And then the 24″ pillows that will sit behind the lumbar are simply fabulous.  They have two beautiful but completely different sides so it’s like having 2 pillows in one (and what could be better than that when it comes to bed pillows, right?!).

Boho pillows for the One Room challenge bedroom - ZDesign At Home

Beautiful boho pillows - ZDesign At Home Bedroom One Room Challenge Spring 2018 - #ORC

And last but not least, we finally brought the nightstands up to the room from storage and they are so great!  They have tons of storage and the drawers are deep, which I love (and what made them justifiable for the space since we needed more storage).  I love the brass legs and other brass details but this is all I’m going to share for now…you’ll have to come back next week to see more:)!

Small dresser for nightstands - one room challenge spring 2018 - ZDesign At Home

shop this look of this gold mirror and marble table lamps and fur stools

Thank you again for stopping in for Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  I hope you’ll stop back by next week for week 4 when I’ll be sharing hopefully the following…

  1. Fabric selections for drapery
  2. Dresser hardware
  3. End of bed bench
  4. A few more accessories
  5. Art

And maybe more…we are getting close!  Don’t forget to stop by the One Room Challenge link-up page to visit all of the other bloggers taking the challenge this spring!

A big thank you again to these wonderful sponsors…

UPDATE:  You can now visit week 4 HERE, week 5 HERE & the final reveal/week 6 HERE.

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Chandelier | Mattress | Waffle Blanket | Quilt & Shams | Lumbar Pillow | 24″ Pillow Cover | Nightstands

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  1. I love seeing your design process unfold, and the beautiful pictures! Turning around your design dilemma in 24hrs is impressive. What color white paint did you end up using? My head spins when it comes to paint.

    1. Hi Heather! This is a rental so we had to use the white they used. I think it’s specific to the rental but it’s by PPG and is called Towers Bright White. I personally would prefer a tad warmer of a white but it’s ok. Thanks for popping in today!! xo

  2. Each week it’s like unveiling a new slice of goodness! What I really like about this week’s post is showcasing what happens when your vision and reality are not matching up… great plan b to paint the grass cloth wallpaper! xo

  3. Could you please tell me which height of mattress you got? I’m totally intrigued. We badly need a new mattress. I liked the fact you mentioned back pain because I have moderate scoliosis and our old mattress is not doing me any favors . I also liked reading it has a natural fire retardant and not chemically sprayed.
    Your room is looking great. I’m looking forward to the next update ?

    1. Hi Teri, I went with the 14″ mattress but I think either would be great. I really can’t even tell you how wonderful it is and when my husband says it’s great that means it really is! I’m so happy this was helpful and I hope you are able to find the one that’s perfect for you. Also, I went with the luxury firm just in case I didn’t emphasize that. I look forward to seeing you back next week for week 4:)! xo

  4. I’m a little late getting by this week, but it was fun to see you in person and hear all about it instead!!! I actually LOVE your painted grasscloth wallpaper! It’s gorgeous. Everything you’ve selected is so you and I’m glad it is coming together so perfectly! xo

    1. Jen thank you so much for saying that and I couldn’t have enjoyed our time together more!! Can’t wait to do it again hopefully soon!!! xoxo

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