Fall/Winter Master Bedroom Updates


I have a confession to make!  I rarely (if ever) make updates to the master bedroom, even though I may be all about change in other areas of my home.  Since I decorated our master bedroom over 3 years ago when we moved in the only thing I’ve changed out so far has been to switch out some of the decorative pillows to a lighter weight linen pillow cover last summer (you can take a full room tour of that HERE).  For some reason this season however, I’m feeling the desire to make some fall/winter weather updates in here and I’m excited to share it with you.  I have also included loads of sources throughout this post and at the bottom for your convenience {*affiliate links used}.

As usual when creating a design or making updates, I started with my inspiration piece which were these Anthropology pillows I scooped up on a huge clearance recently (similar HERE since these are no longer available).  They just spoke to me as having that cool weather vibe with the vining velvet and I knew they’d be perfect for these updates.


Next I have a funny (not so funny) story about the new bedding I unexpectedly purchased recently…when you go out of town and your husband washes (and bleaches) the duvet because it slipped onto the floor in the middle of the night and your big ‘ole black lab sleeps on it, you end up getting new bedding!!  When your white bedding has a gray border that isn’t suppose to be bleached and said gray border turns mauve (eewww!) in the washing machine after it gets bleached then you get new bedding (and guilt free I might add)…make sense now?  lol.  So before, I had this white duvet with the bark colored border and when I replaced it I got the same one but with the pewter border this time.  Yes, I love the softness and exquisite quality of this duvet so much that I purchased it again!  I also have these coordinating sheets and feel the same way about the softness and quality of them.  I also love that they fit my king bed to a T which makes for a nice and neatly made bed, not to mention comfortable sleep.  This time I also added 3 matching euro shams to my ensemble to complete my look.

Tip:  when purchasing euro pillow inserts, always get the 28″ instead of the 26″ so that it fills up your pillow nicely and won’t get slouchy.


The next big thing on the list for these cool weather updates was a warmer quilt & shams.  We have always had a light weight quilt so I knew something a bit heavier was in line for these updates.   I also knew I wanted the matching shams as well to bring some continuity to my bedding.  I looked high and low and ultimately ended up choosing this quilt and shams. They are made of 100% cotton/velvet and reverse to a silk/cotton on the back side.  Additionally, they are detailed with double-diamond stitching and the edging has silk-cotton flanges which make it all the more luxurious (which adds a little pattern as well).  It also brings so much texture to the space to warm things up in here for winter.  I chose to go with the flagstone color.

Tip:  Adding texture to a space for the cooler months is a must to warm things up, especially if you have a mostly monochromatic space like I do…the texture adds interest and warmth to what could otherwise be a boring or chilly design.


Next up on the list was a new throw for the foot of the bed.  I still love the one I’ve been using for 8 years now (and it will come back next spring more than likely) but for these updates needed something a little darker with a warmer feel to it.  I ran across this one at HomeGoods recently (similar HERE) and fell in love with the on trend pom poms and knew instantly that it was perfect for my updates.



Get the Look

Tip:  A throw or pillow is a great place to try out a trend so that when the trend passes you haven’t invested a ton of money in the process

I also added this jewel toned madeira colored lumbar in front that I borrowed from my living room.  I used it in my fall living room that you can see HERE if you haven’t seen it yet.  It is perfect to represent the colors of the season and especially since I will be decking out my bedroom for Christmas soon, which is another major change I’ll be making in here that I’ve never made before…super excited about that!



Here is the bed in full view and I hope you enjoy the tour as much as we have enjoyed these once in a blue moon updates.  Always remember to add some texture, pattern, and a pop of color (if color is your thing, or even if it’s not;) for cold weather updates to make your space feel warm, luxurious and inviting!




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I also updated my night stand with some seasonal mums in my signature fall color this year (you can read more about that HERE in my Fresh Approach To Fall post).  I changed out one accessory and that was it.  And that was enough since I already have my favorite photo, a box for nightstand essentials, and a lamp for reading.





Thanks for stopping in and happy winter!!


For a full list of resources for this room please go HERE.

For a full room tour please click HERE.  You can also click the images below to shop this post…




Rug, Lighting & Similar Mirror:


Similar Wallpaper:

Xoxo, Bree

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    1. Kelley, thank you so much for saying that about the color pop! It’s my signature but sometimes I wonder about myself…hehe! Love you girly!!!

  1. Oh my goodness what did your hubby say when he realized he had done that? Bless his heart! Well I think this is all gorgeous and I am in love with that jewel toned pillow and the throw! Excellent choices my friend… So cozy and beautiful! And I love those Anthropologie pillows! ???? Fit for a queen! (And king ?)

    1. Haha, well it was quite the funny story when he told me but then you know I was kind of excited at the same time knowing that meant there was new bedding in my future! Thanks for stopping in cutie!!! Hugs Xoxo

  2. Bree!! I’m so inspired to do this in my bedroom! Just that pop of color adds so much for the season. It’s amazing how a simple change has adds so much! Love it all! Tam xo

    1. Tam! Thanks for stopping in sweet friend!! I’m loving the pop of color as well for the season…feels so Christmasy to me right now. Always appreciate you stopping in! Hugs Xoxo

    1. Thank you sweet Erin!! He’s such a keeper but this time totally messed up…to my good though, haha!! Love him! Thanks for stopping in:)

    1. Hey Mysha! I luckily found it at HomeGoods. I sourced one in this post but maybe you’ll get lucky and find one…it’s my favorite throw now for sure!!

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