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Hi and welcome to the Bloggers Patio Party Tour hosted by the lovely and talented Kathleen of Lindsay Hill Interiors!  And a double welcome if you are coming over from the inspiring blog of my dear friend Randi of Randi Garrett Design!!  I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me and you will be able to link over to all of the other talented ladies in the tour at the end of my post.  So, go grab a cup of coffee, tea or which ever beverage you prefer at this time of day and settle in for some backyard party inspiration.  I just know you are going to love this fabulous tour and a big thank you to Kathleen for asking all of us to join in on the fun!!Backyard Patio Party

So I have to be honest and say that we haven’t been able to do a ton of outdoor entertaining yet this year in this arid, desert climate we live in.  This year has either been too cool or too hot up to this point for spring/summer but for this tour I was inspired to pull my outdoor space together a bit and get ready for guests that we’ll be hosting soon. I’ll just have to hope and pray it’s not too hot that day/evening or we may have to move the party inside but at least I can hope for now and show you how I will be entertaining for the occasion.   One of the very first things that comes to mind each year for our outdoor entertaining space is to bring in plants and flowers, and I mean lots of plants and flower to make the space feel cozy for relaxing and entertaining.  We’ve been working so hard on the inside of our home since we moved in that we haven’t landscaped the back yard yet (with the exception of grass) so I brought in hibiscus trees and a myriad of other specimens to cozy up the patio until we can add some more plants and shrubs to the yard (probably this winter when it’s optimum planting time).  We do love to hang out here though, although it’s hard sometimes due to the fact that our back patio faces south west so the afternoon sun can be harsh which means we have to wait until the sun goes down.  It’s always nice to sit out here or even have breakfast out here in the morning though so that is one upside to this dry climate we live in.

I knew this year I wanted to incorporate a bougainvillea and this one found the perfect spot next to the couch to pop against the gray fence.  I also love these vintage inspired olive buckets and use them throughout my outdoor space to hold flowers.  Here I also repurposed my son’s step stool to use as a riser for my bougainvillea.bougainvillea plant olive bucket

One of my favorite pieces I found last year at a local shop is this large flower market pot (similar sourced here).  This year it holds a banana plant in it with elephant ears in the bottom.  The height and color really cozy this spot up.banana plant flower market pot

outdoor potted plant zdesign at home patio tourArtisanal Planter here

purple flowers white and brass watering can

Galvanized bucket here

We cut this philodendron back each fall and over the past few weeks it has really taken off.  Another favorite of mine to cozy up the patio are asparagus ferns and I have a couple of these stationed around the patio.  They are hearty enough for the desert heat and such a pretty bright green that brings in some much needed color and vibrancy to this space.outdoor plants flowers for outdoor entertaining area

succulent plant lattice garden stool

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I had hoped my hibiscus trees would have more blooms at this point but it’s just not quite ready yet for some reason.  They both have tons of buds so I’m hoping they’ll pop out soon, especially by the time our guests arrive soon;).

Tip Time:  Before I added the hibiscus last year this spot felt boring and cold (if that’s even possible in the hot desert sun) so I added these trees in a large pot behind the couch to draw your eye up, add a pop of color and interest, and to provide a barrier (or a stop) between the couch and the not so lovely fence.  I think it worked out well.
rh provence sectional outdoor entertaining

The only thing new I added this year to get my outdoor space ready for entertaining were these fun, fresh printed pillows.

Tip Time:  My color palette inside the home consists of a lot of navy blue at the moment so I carried that color into my outdoor space this year so that the indoor space flows seamlessly into the outdoor space.Restoration hardware provence sectional couch pottery barn outdoor pillows

Oh, and I also found this darling anchor pillow at HomeGoods.  I’ve linked something similar here for you but I just love this fun crochet indoor/outdoor pillow for it’s whimsical quality and that it reminds me of the beach where I grew up, and pastimes of boating, fishing and other water sports. We don’t get to do a ton of that these days living in the desert so this little pillow is a sweet reminder of all of those fun memories.  I do the same thing inside by decorating with coral and I talk a lot more about that in my spring and summer tours that you can link to here & here.Restoration hardware provence sectional couch outdoor entertainig space

For pre-dinner snacks on the seating side of our outdoor space I just usually have something light, simple and refreshing since it’s the hottest time of year, and so that guests don’t get overly stuffed before the main course comes off of the grill.  I love this metal trayfun napkins and fringed table runner that I used to line my tray to dress it up a bit.  And those little paper straws always steal my heart and I love that they come in so many colors to suit the mood and/or setting for my table scape or vignette!outdoor entertaining metal tray RH provence sectional_

outdoor entertaining metal tray RH provence sectional_-2

outdoor entertaining metal tray RH provence sectional_-3

Pottery Barn indooroutdoor pillows outdoor entertaining

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Next I turned my attention to the dining space where we’ll be gathering to share a meal.  I started with this fun fish table runner and then these clear, acrylic outdoor dinner plates I’ve had for years, and then layered a salad plate for a pop of color.  I then toped it off with these fun patterned bowls from Target that I do so much with around my home, including organizing my refrigerator (which you can see more of here in my organized refrigerator post).  I used a different patterned bowl on each place setting to add a little interest to my table.outdoor dining entertaining area-6

I also pulled out my gold flatware vs. using plastic.  It’s always fun to dress things up a bit and they can’t get broken so there’s no harm in using them outdoors (Tip: And, you shouldn’t be afraid to use your pretty entertaining things outdoors either!).  This gold flatware is one of my absolute new favorite things in design this year!outdoor dining entertaining area-5

After my dishes, I brought in my favorite little faux olive trees along with this gorgeous white outdoor lantern to top off the table.  outdoor dining entertaining area-4

outdoor dining entertaining area-2

I also pulled out my favorite pillow find from last year for the head of the table, which is this coral pillow.  I found mine at HomeGoods but I’ve linked something similar for you here & here since I always get lots of questions about them.

Tip Time:  This may not be the best advice but regardless of what the washing instructions say on my outdoor pillows, I always wash them in the washing machine with detergent (I use Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Basil scent), Borax, and bleach if necessary.  I only add the bleach if they are mildewed and colorless.  I have a front load washing machine so if you do this, do it at your own risk but they come out squeaky clean for me every time!outdoor coral pillow_

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Our table was a great find from last year and it’s not an outdoor table but it was such a great price (and the style we wanted) that we decided to go for it and we just put a coat of Thompsons Water Seal on it and I’m happy to report that so far it’s doing great!  This table is no longer available but I’ve sourced an identical one here.  The chairs were also a great find last year and we love the juxtaposition in materials between the table and chairs. It definitely adds interest and character to the space.  the only thing I’m lacking here is a rug and I may just try to catch an end of season sale this year for that.outdoor dining and entertaining area

And excuse me while I take a little break from home decor but I had a little helper today that I thought I would share with you.  Her name is Gracie if you haven’t met her yet.  I think I was keeping her awake and making her work too hard or maybe that look was about something else…hmmm;).tri colored rat terrier 2

outdoor dining and entertaining area-4

outdoor dining and entertaining area-3

outdoor dining and entertaining area-5

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Now I think we’re ready for our patio party and I wish I could have you all over to join us!  How fun would that be?!  Now just say a little prayer for us that it won’t be too hot and that we won’t have to take the party inside.  outdoor dining entertaining area


outdoor entertaining space RH Provence Sectional

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour and that you are now feeling inspired to get ready for your own patio party this summer. From here you’ll head over to see my friend Jennifer at Decor Gold Designs.  Jen is a major sweetheart and everything she does is so inspiring so I know you’ll enjoy visiting her today for her patio party as well! To follow below you will also find a full list of participating bloggers that I hope you will check out soon if not today. So much talent and inspiration to be had in this great group of ladies and thanks again for stopping by our fun tour! Enjoy!!

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*Affiliate links have been used throughout this post and where an item is no longer available a substitute has been provided

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  1. Bree! Such a gorgeous space! I love all of your plants – I am so bad at planting and gardening, I wish I had your talent! That table is such a great idea too! I love the idea of using something indoor – it’s not always easy to find patio furniture you love! And of course your lounge area is so perfect – all of your beautiful and details make my heart skip a beat!

    1. Oh Tamara!! You are way too sweet to me! Now if I could just get you down here for a glass of wine and some good conversation on my patio that would make it so much better. Hugs to you and I absolutely cannot wait to see you soon my friend:)

    1. Thank you, Brenda! And thanks for stopping by…Im so glad you enjoyed the tour and happy summer!;)

  2. Oh Bree, I just LOVE your patio space. Incorporating all of those plants in the fun containers is brilliants, and your seating area looks so comfy and cozy! And I love your table and chairs (they look just like mine – design twins!). I hope you get some cool, dry weather so that you can enjoy this gorgeous space with your family and friends!

    Thanks so much for joining me on the tour – you are always such an inspiration, and I love hanging out with you!


    1. Kathleen! I can’t thank you enough for asking me to join and I was honored. Thanks for stopping by to check my patio party out and of course we are design twins on this project too…we always are!! Happy summer sweet friend 🙂

  3. Oh wow! Love everything! Love all the Lil trees around your patio and especially love how you added the tall ones to your table. Beautiful outdoor space styled to perfection!

    1. Thank you so much, Oscar!! And thanks for taking the tour…you’re the best!! Happy summer my friend:)

  4. Incredible Bree! You have such a talent in creating flawless spaces. I love all of your beautiful potted flowers and plants! What a precious girl Gracie is too…so glad she was your helper!

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! I am learning from one of the best, which is you! Your outdoor space was one of my absolute faves for sure on this tour!! Thanks for stopping in and for always being so supportive and sweet. Love ya!! 🙂

  5. Bree, you always blow me away with your beautiful sense of style. Everything looks like it was styled for Pottery Barn magazine. You make me want to go buy a bunch of plants now because yours are so pretty! Problem is that I kill all plants…ugh. Little Gracie looks so cute making her debut on the blog, too. Now I’m just counting down the weeks to reunite with my bestie!

    1. Shauna, you’re too sweet to me friend! Thank you for stopping by and it has been an honor to be on this fun tour with you!! I loved your space so much as well and can’t wait to hang there again next year! Love ya girl!!:)

  6. Bree what a beautiful tour of your amazing outdoor space! I can’t get over all the pretty plants/flowers… you have the magic touch. Gorgeous and such a delight to see!

    1. Thank you, Annie!!! And likewise about your space…I still can’t get over your floor!! So stunning!! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

  7. Bree, your outdoor space is STUNNING! And, I LOVE your tip on the trees. I am totally going to have to do that- so clever! Thank you for always inspiring me. I can’t wait to be with you in less than one month!! xoxo

    1. Kelley! You are just too sweet to me but thank you so much for the kind words…love you girly!!! Thanks for stopping in and it has been such a pleasure being on this fun tour with you!! Happy summer my dear friend!!!

  8. Bree – all of your planters and planters are amazing (I want to run out and add some to my patio now!) and your seating and dining areas couldn’t be more beautiful and welcoming. I loved the tour (and meeting adorable little Gracie!).

    1. Thank you so much, Kris!! And thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you like Gracie…she’s always my little sidekick just like your darling pup!! Happy summer friend:)

  9. Bree!!! Your photography is so on point! Just gorgeous!! Love the PB lumbar pillow and absolutely love your table setting! Kudos, friend! Counting down to August! Wahoo!

    1. Thanks so much, Haneen! Yes!! I’m counting down to August too…can’t wait to hug your darling neck!!! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Randi!! And thanks for stopping in to check things out. I have really enjoyed being a part of this fun tour with you my friend! Happy Summer:)

  10. Very pretty and I love the table and metal chair combination. Could you tell me where you got your beautiful dough bowl/kitchen island? Thanks.

  11. Wow, your patio is gorgeous! I love all the trees . Your table is beautiful. so many fun ideas. Thanks for a great tour!

    1. Thank you so much, Cathi! I’m so glad you got some fun ideas from this post and thank you so much for stopping by to check things out!! 🙂

  12. Bree everything looks absolutely beautiful! So inviting! You have the magic touch my friend. I want to come over! Missing you and SO excited to see you soon! 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you so much Erin! I SOOO wish you could come over too and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks…can’t wait!!! 🙂 Xoxo

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