The Best Way To Hide Those Messy Phone Cords

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Like most of us I’m always looking for the best way to hide and organize those messy phone cords.  Truth be told, this is usually what my bedside table looks like with all of my devices, mismatched cords and all!

The Best Way to Hide Those Messy Phone Cords

I also have an apple watch that I currently plug in behind the curtains in our tiny rental bedroom because I have no where else to charge it.  Enter Native Union with the Eclipse Charger and literally the salvation to all of my messy cord problems!

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How to hide those messy phone cords for your devices and iwatch

And now my bedside table looks like this!  And I’m so excited about it I could almost cry every time I glance over here and see my phone cords behaving nicely, all because of the Eclipse Charger!

Native Union Eclipse Charger and the best way to hide those messy phone cords

I had heard of Native Union before but had never tried their products so when they reached out to me to partner on this post, I could’t have been more excited because even though I don’t talk about it often on the blog, I love to organize and to be organized and this functional charger helps to keep my life neat and tidy and I LOVE that!!

I mean even the cable is beautifully organized and well, just beautiful!  It has a genuine leather strap that helps to wrangle any excess cord which looks really cool in contrast to the black and white cable.

The best way to hide those messy phone cords with the Native Union Eclipse Charger

It’s as simple as plugging it into the wall, installing your cords (there is a great video here that helped me with this but really it’s so simple my 9 year old could do it), and then you are good to go!  Couldn’t have been any easier!  You can adjust your cords to use as much or as little of them as you need and the whole unit can even mount to the wall if you want it to.

How to hide those messy phone cords with the Eclipse Charger

The Eclipse Charger by Native Union - How to hide those messy cordsshop this look of this gold mirror and marble table lamps and fur stools

Those previous photos were with the top portion up but the coolest thing about this charger is that all you have to do is tap it twice on the top and Wa-La…

Review of Native Unions Products - the best way to hide those messy phone cords

The top goes down and all you have left is a neat charging device that looks beautiful and functions well by hiding your cords.  Don’t care for the slate gray, no worries…the Eclipse Charging Station comes in 5 colors.  It was a hard decision for me to decide between the chic white with wood top and the gray but I’m thinking my hubby will end up with this one for Christmas and I’ll order the white one for myself:).

The best way to hide messy phone cords

Another cool feature that I just love since I’m always up later than my husband is that it emits halo so that you can find your cables in the dark, or it can be useful as a night light to help you find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night.  You simply tap it once to turn it on and once to turn it off – seriously so simple (and you know I’m all about simple)!

The best way to charge and hide the cables for all of your devices

Now enter something really pretty that Native Union must have read my mind about…the Apple watch docking station! Remember how I had my watch plugged in just hanging out on the window sill hiding behind the curtains?!  Well, no more!

The best way to hide those messy phone cords (and the most beautiful apple watch charging station)

I mean how pretty is this AND, it’s marble, people!  And you know how I love marble!  And not only is it marble, it’s also gold and you know in my book that marble + gold pretty much = LOVE (it also comes in a chic black marble)!  I can’t stop staring at it but the best part is that I now have a proper place for my watch to live in peace when it’s not on my wrist:).

The best way to charge your apple watch and to hide those messy device cables

The great thing about the Eclipse Charger also is that it can accommodate all three of my devices.  I also love the quality and luxury of each piece!

The best way to charge your tech devices and to hide those messy cords

Now my beside table is super tame and I love it – now that’s something I can wrap my brain around, no pun intended…haha!!

The best way to hide those messy phone cords beside the bed or anywhere in your home! Stay organized with your tech!

shop this look of this gold mirror and marble table lamps and fur stools

Native Union has several products to suit your techie lifestyle and they come in many colors and styles too.  Here are a few of my favorites that will help you hide those messy phone cords and that would be great to give as gifts this Christmas, or anytime!  There are lots of great items under $50, under $100 and anything $49 and over ships free!

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The best way to hide those messy phone cords and the best phone charging station - cable management for your phone


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  1. Bree this is amazing. We have such a mess in our home with all of out devices – our bedroom and our kitchen, I need this in my life! I love the sleek design too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this!! Love it!

    1. Sleek is the key word, Tamara!! I love everything about this charging station and how it complements our home and I know you will too! Thanks for stopping in!! xoxo

    1. Kelley, you will love Native Unions! I couldn’t be more happy with this cord solution and I’m completely smitten with my watch docking station!! Thanks for stopping by, cutie!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing the benefits of this accessory. The advantages you highlighted fit my needs to a “T”… it’s almost as if we are living in the same room. Love your design perspectives and have enjoyed your Christmas Tour.

    1. Thank you, A.T. I’m so glad you are finding the benefits of this accessory so helpful! Maybe you’ll see fit to get one for you wife this Christmas (P.S. get white:). Thanks for stopping by, roomie! xoxo

    1. Jen, thank you for stopping by! Don’t you just love the halo light?! It’s truly so useful in more ways than one! Please check out Native Union – I know you will love them just as much as I do!! xoxo

  3. oh, my gosh…this is FABULOUS. Wish it had 5 connections instead of just 3, but it’s super…compact, relatively attractive, ingenious design. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Isn’t if fabulous, Jamie?! Thank you for stopping by…I know you will just love Native Union products if you decide to try them out!! xo

    1. Tana, it’s the best! Thank you for stopping in and I hope you’ll try out their products…you’ll absolutely love them!!! xoxo

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