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Since we moved last December I’ve been working to style our new home to help it feel more lived in, curated over time, and cozy which means I’ve done a lot of accessory revamping.  While I still have some older pieces, I’ve also brought in a few new ones that flow better with the style of our new home, and that I’m excited to share with you today.  Thank you for stopping by to check out my Favorite Vases, Vessels & Stems + Styling Tips!

Transitional modern dining room with vase and stems, art and chandelier

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One of my new favorites is this gray stoneware textured vase.  I have it in two sizes, one on my coffee table and one on my dining table.  

textured gray vase with amazon stems

These faux green stems from Amazon are great also!  They come in a bundle of 3 and look so real.  The trick with any faux stem is to purchase ones that are pliable so that you can really work with them to get them looking realistic.  I started with 6 stems in my vase and ended up ordering one more bundle of 3 to fill in the negative space.  I also used a clear small vase on the inside of my larger vase to hold it all together because my vase opening is wide.  

Here are few tips to make all of this happen and to style your faux stems beautifully while achieving a realistic look…

  1. Use pliable stems that you can work with, bend, manipulate, contort or yes, even cut.
  2. Bend each stem at the bottom so that they come out of the vase right where the vase stops and the greenery starts.  
  3. Bench each stem at the bottom a varying heights.
  4. At the middle to top, bend each individual stem in different directions until it looks like a natural/realistic arrangement.
  5. Make sure you have enough stems so that it doesn’t feel sparse or look like you didn’t do enough to complete your arrangement.
  6. Use a small vase (or any vessel) inside your vase to hold your arrangement together better if necessary.
  7. Stand back and take note to see where it needs to be tweaked and fill in the gaps, but sometimes gaps are ok for a more realistic look – you’ll have to determine this on a case by case basis.

best faux green stems from Amazon

textured gray vase on farmhouse dining table, best faux green stems

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Here is the same vase but taller, with another great quality faux green stem that I really love – it’s called a petal leaf branch.  

large gray textured vase from Wayfair

Again these stems are very pliable and easy to bend into just the shape I wanted with the most realistic look but, these are different in nature and only required three stems in my vase for what I felt was the best look.  In this case more space between my stems (or branches) worked better, although you could fill this vase up more if you wanted.

large gray textured table vase on modern concrete coffee table

The color and authentic feel of these stems make me want more of them in my home!

best faux stems, favorite vases, vessels, greenery

Another favorite next to my vase here on the coffee table is this white textured bowl – you can never have too much texture!  It looks beautiful alone without anything in it, or you could fill it with beads, or use it as a fruit bowl in the kitchen.

textured white decorative boho bowl

textured white decorative bowl

White textured decorative bowl for coffee table or fruit bowl

I also have a darling white textured small bud vase in the same texture as my white bowl.  Perfect for left over Mother’s Day flowers that made it a little longer than the others:)!

Small white bud vase with spring flowers

small white bud vase with fresh spring flowers

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In the kitchen, I have a few new items I’ve picked up to style my shelves with but first I found this vintage inspired vase that will move about the house that I’m currently using on the island.  It also looks great on my dining table but feels timeless and works in any space.  And it looks amazing with just one large stem in it that I cut from a tree in our beautiful forest outside!  

vintage inspired vase on modern kitchen counter top, white zellige tile

The texture and pattern is never the same on any one that’s purchased as it’s made from natural materials.

vintage inspired vase styled on kitchen countertop

vintage inspired natural made vase on white quartz countertops

transitional modern kitchen with vintage inspired vase on counter. white oak cabinets, black island white uppers with white oak shelves

One item I love from my kitchen shelves to start is this light gray stoneware pitcher/vase that I adore.  I love the square modern handle and that it goes with everything – it’s got to be the perfect styling accessory for the kitchen, but of course it’s also functional, which is important around here.

gray magnolia home pitcher vase vessel

Another is this white pedestal bowl.  I use it for fruit or just to display on my kitchen shelves.  I also really love the small wooden handle tray behind it resting on the wall – it adds a lot of depth and character to this space.

white pedestal bowl styled on white oak shelves

white pedestal bowl styled on kitchen shelves

Another favorite that I use but also style my kitchen countertops with is this black colander below my shelves.  Also looks great with red apples in it!

white oak style kitchen shelves

Another vessel I love is this light gray two-tone double handle jug.  Perfect for kitchen styling and love it paired with the duo handle bread board behind it. kitchen styling accessories, cutting board , black dishes

And I love the uniqueness of this vase as well.  I love the shape and that it feels like a small olive jug or something primitive.  For this piece I left it alone on the shelf to allow it to shine.  I prefer to keep things simple and clean so that you can see and enjoy each piece without clutter.

black olive jar styled on kitchen shelves

I also really love the faux plant below on the countertop.  It’s another really good quality faux plant that moves about the house.

styled kitchen white oak shelves in front of zellige white tile

On the opposite side of the kitchen is a black textured pedestal vase that has a lot of character.  I used one real oak stem from outside here but have styled it many ways.  The unique shape and texture of this vase allows it to stand beautifully alone as well – you’ll see that in a moment.

Oak stem in black CB2 pedestal vase

black vase with oak stem in white oak kitchen

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In my living room I have lots of fun vases and vessels over here.  A few I’ve shared already but a couple I haven’t in detail.  I love, love this decorative bowl.  It’s great with some beads in it like my bone hex beads or with nothing at all.  The base of it is so, so good!

studio mcgee bowl displayed on shelf

Studio mcgee white bowl on books

This black bud vase is darling also.  I have two of them and love the faux stem in it as well, it adds just a touch of pink;).

black bud vase

I really love this clay colored pedestal vase as well!  And it looks great with one simple, faux Target stem in it.

Love this concrete nubby pot with the Studio McGee for Target fern in it.  The pot comes in a set of two, one small and one large.

nubby concrete indoor/outdoor pot

This is the smaller pot of the two and the same faux plant from earlier.

nubby concrete indoor/outdoor pot

white oak shelves with modern home decor styling

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In my entry hall I have a large white statement vase that is really gorgeous.  It has these beautiful square handles with a curved tip at the ends and makes such a beautiful statement!  The stems unfortunately are no longer available but I’ll link something similar below.

white greek key large vase

For reference I have about 6 large stems in this vase but please know these stems are very full and visually take up a lot of space.  I also have these inside of a tall clear that is much slimmer than the opening of my big vase to hold them together nicely, like I talked about before.

large white pedestal vase in foyer

Paper mache is also pretty hot in design right now.  This paper cache bowl is a great accessory for the kitchen or dining table but, I currently have it on my entry credenza.  I love it and it looks great with a set of tassel beads draped over the side!

paper mache bowl styled with beads on console table

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Around the corner is my son’s room…this room is under construction but we are getting there.  His new dresser arrived recently and I had to style it right away.  I’ve had this ribbed vase for a bit but it turned out to be just the right look for this spot for some added texture.  I used a branch from outside but also have used it with faux and other real eucalyptus stems.

boys room with textured vase and stems - teenage boys room

This one is truly a favorite with the ribbed sides and texture.  This vase is great because the opening isn’t super large so it’s easy to style stems and hold them in place properly without the use of another vase inside.

ribbed textured vase from pottery barn

ribbed textured pottery barn vase

These little white vases also arrived recently.  They come in a set of three so one is missing here but I love the interesting shapes of each individual vase and that they’ve become a focal point on this side of the dresser. 

small white bud vases next to black boho lamp

These stems are also a big new fav from Target (1 & 2).  Very realistic and pliable, and work super well in a small bud size vase.

small white bud vases next to black boho lamp

teenage boys room dresser, round black mirror styled with decor

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Here is the same ribbed, textured vase styled in my kitchen with some real seeded eucalyptus in it.

ribbed vase on quartz countertops

kitchen with 3 cabinet colors. ribbed vase. white oak cabinets, black island

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And last but certainly not least are these stunning ribbed white vases.  You can purchase these separately or as a set.  They are really pretty in person and make such a nice statement together or alone.  I’m using them here on my vanity with just some simple greenery from outside but these are new and the styling possibilities are endless for me with these I’m afraid!

white ribbed vases on modern bathroom countertop

white ribbed vases - pair of

pair of white ribbed vases on bathroom countertop

pair of white ribbed west elm vases on bathroom countertop

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And there are many more that I didn’t include here but I tried to save the best and my Favorite Vases, Vessels and Stems for you!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips and that they help you to make your own faux arrangements beautiful, realistic and eye catching!  All of my sources are linked below but please feel free to drop a comment below if you need anything or just want to chat!




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