Favorite Spring Faux Stems & Florals + Styling Tips

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Spring is right around the corner which has me so excited for the next big decorating season!  There is just something about the newness of the Spring season (and the end of winter) that gets me all excited to pull out my spring decor and I am so looking forward to sharing with you my Favorite Spring Faux Stems & Florals + Styling Tips today!

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Spring faux cherry blossoms and how to style them in rattan vase

One of my favorite looks for spring florals is my cream blossom branches.  What I love about them first of all is the quality and how realistic they are!  They are gorgeous and look beautiful anywhere but especially in the kitchen or placed on a dining  table.  The blooms are fabric with a plastic center and every detail is perfect in color and style from top to bottom.  

faux cream blossom branch or quince branch in white jug vase with handles and cream cabinets in background

The branches are super realistic and so are the leaves (also fabric).  These are very pliable and easy to manipulate into shape.  I have four stems in my white jug vase.  I love this vase as well…it’s large and has a nice matte finish and is perfect for the kitchen as well with it’s large handles that make it feel like a vintage jug.  

Make sure when you style these stems that you pull the individual (small and larger) branches apart from one another, pulling them in all directions to style them as they would look in nature. 

faux quince branch and cream blossom branch, afloral

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Also in my kitchen I have these beautiful Tissue Paper Peonies.  I love the high quality, realistic flower on these however I don’t love the stem, I just didn’t feel the quality was completely up to par.  I almost returned them because of that but decided to keep them and simply use them in a vase such as this jug vase  that completely hides the stems – problme solved!  

tissue paper peony from afloral in black jug vase in kitchen

They make a beautiful bold statement in my kitchen against the Zellige backsplash by the window!  They no longer have this color (sorry I can’t remember the name of the color of mine) but they are available in a beautiful blush color linked HERE.

tissue paper peony flower from afloral

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Next up are these new Italian Ruscus stems.  These are so good!  The leaves on these stems are such a nice color of green, and they have a great feel to them and are pretty easy to style.  The stem itself has a reddish brown color which is a wonderful contrast with the leaves.  I have 7 stems in my vase here.  I also really love this matte gray vase.  The shape is beautiful and I love the smooth, elegant feel it has although something to note – I did add a small cylindrical vase to the inside of mine to hold my stems more upright.

italian ruscus stems in matte gray vase styled in entryway

I actually have two sources for these at the moment…I ordered mine from AFloral but then they went out of stock and a sweet Instagram friend shared that she found them at TJMaxx (but the brand is still AFloral).  The only difference is the ones I ordered from TJMaxx actually have more stems per branch so they are a little fuller, and they’re longer like the new one AFloral  replaced mine with (hope that makes sense?!).  Either way you can shop for your best price HERE & HERE.  

italian ruscus stems from afloral styled in entryway

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My Faux Cherry Blossoms are also absolutely amazing for quality and style!!  These don’t really require any styling in terms of the flower stems so just simply add them to your vase of choice and arrange the branches around so that they flop in different directions.  It doesn’t take much to make these look good!  The blooms will sometimes pop off here and there as you arrange the stems but you can just pop them right back on – easy peasy!

faux cherry blossoms in rattan vase

I personally feel these do best with a vase that has a more narrow opening forcing them to stand more upright otherwise, if your vase mouth is too wide (because they are hefty) they’ll flop right over.  The alternative to that is placing a smaller vase inside your wide mouth vase which will cause them to stand up more.  Oh, and they are so incredibly realistic – just look closely here at the blooms…

faux cherry blossom flowers

The flowers on these branches are also amazing!  The flower is a double layer of fabric with a detailed center and the leaves are fabric as well.   They are just so good!  Mine are the cream but they also come in pink.  I have 5 branches in my vase.

best faux fake artificial cherry blossoms

I am also completely obsessed with this large rattan vase!  It’s just so good and I especially love the combo of the cherry blossoms and rattan vase for spring and summer!  It’s a large vase and really makes a bold statement anywhere.  I also think these cherry blossoms would be especially beautiful as a centerpiece at a wedding, baby shower or (girl) friend’s birthday party.

Best faux cherry blossoms in rattan vase

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Next up are these beautiful Faux Lilacs on my coffee table.  Another super realistic, absolutely gorgeous faux bloom!  These are very easy to style – very pliable and bendable and the quality and durability is unmatched.  Just put them in a vase and move them around until you get a nice balance.  You can also easily manipulate the stems as needed to balance each individual stem in the arrangement.  These stems are also pretty hefty.  I have 7 in my vase in this photo but could have done with 5 I think.  

Look how beautiful and realistic the flowers are!  And this is one of my favorite white, textured vases.  This vase is perfect coffee table size vase for sure!

white Faux lilacs from AFloral

In this phot below I have only 4 in my vase.  I actually think this is a better look for this stem – less can be more, that’s for sure:)!

beautiful faux lilac florals in white crate & barrel vase

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Next up are more Ruscus but this is an Italian Ruscus Bush.  So it has a lot more stems and leaves per branch.  

Italian ruscus spray on bedroom dresser as decor

They have reinvented this stem since I got mine a couple years ago but I think the new ones are better with even more stems & leaves per branch plus, I think the color is a more mid-tone green vs the dark green like mine.  Regardless, I love them both and they are some of the best stems I’ve ever owed.  I really love them in a dark colored vase like this one for a fresh, updated feel.

fake Italian ruscus stem, branch, spray

I have 6 in my vase but I think you could get away with 4-5 to create a full vase like mine.  These are stems that you will need to bend and manipulate in different directions to make them look most natural in your vase but they do make a beautiful bold statement that’s for sure!  See below for all of my faux stem styling tips!

italian ruscus spray stems - best faux spring branches

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On my bedside table I have these gorgeous Real Touch Peonies!  Mine are a peach color, they no longer have this color but they are available in a equally beautiful blush color.  I also really love this speckled vase for my nightstand and the peonies are a welcome change for spring! These are great quality, the flower itself is stunning, the stem and leaves are super realistic and I can only imagine these in a vase with like a qty of 10 – would be so gorgeous!!  If you love peonies this is a good one for sure, all the way around!  I have two on my bedside vase.

best faux peony on black fluted nightstand

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And last but definitely not least are my very, very realistic Faux Hydrangeas from Amazon!  These are so good and high quality.  The blooms and leaves are incredibly realistic, and so are the stems – truly I’ve never seen a better one.  And, they come in a pack of 2.  I have 10 (5 packs) in this great Amazon ribbed vase.  

realistic faux hydrangesas from Amazon

realistic faux hydrangeas from Amazon

best faux Amazon hydrangeas - close up on black marble countertops

This has quickly become my favorite, versatile vase and it’s also from Amazon.  I believe it comes in two sizes, mine is the small.  The texture is great and it’s the perfect height for the hydrangea stems.

ribbed Amazon vase

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I think the most important thing to remember is that good faux florals and stems are an investment and while price is important it’s been my experience that good ones aren’t the cheapest ones.  the approach I take is waiting until they’re on sale and if I need 10 stems to make a nice arrangement I may order some now and order more later or even next year.  If you do this too then in the mean time until you have all that you need or want it’s important to learn (either way) how to style them so here are some great tips for styling your faux stems/greenery and florals below…

Spring Faux Stems & Florals + Styling Tips

  1. Wait for sales if necessary and purchase high quality stems & florals – it’s an investment I promise you won’t regret.
  2. Don’t just sit them in a vase and do nothing else – bend, flex, pull apart, manipulate and work the stems and branches until you have balance and flow.  Eventually you’ll get the feel for it!
  3. Stand back and look at your creation to see where it needs work and keep going back and forth and tweaking until you achieve the above mentioned.
  4. Make sure you have levels of height and depth to your arrangement, and scale to your vase (i.e. don’t put very small faux flowers in a oversized vase, etc).
  5. Don’t put faux stems in a clear vase (unless the stem is really good like on my hydrangeas).  A lot of the time, even on the good ones, the stem will give it away every time.
  6. Don’t overuse them in your home and be sure to switch them out seasonally (spring & summer are one season in my opinion w/ faux florals).
  7. Store them somewhere climate controlled if possible.  Especially extreme heat (like in your attic) will damage them over time and remember, the goal is to be able to use them year after year ( just like your Christmas tree).

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I hope my Favorite Spring Faux Stems & Florals + Styling Tips was helpful!  Be sure to bookmark this post so you can refer back to it over and over again and thanks for stopping by as always!

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