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Happy almost spring, friends!!  After the snowstorm of 2021 in Texas, I’m definitely ready for it!  Today I’m super excited to be sharing with you my Dining Room Design Plan!  I’ve had a few pieces arrive and I’m working on the rest so thought I’d share while it’s a work in progress since it will be a while before the final pieces to this puzzle comes together.

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Beautiful transitional modern farmhouse dining room with abstract art and farlane chandelier

As you know due to Covid (and the weather here lately) things are taking forever to arrive these days – from furniture, to lighting, to even accessories and I (and I’m sure you as well) will be waiting for weeks and months for items to arrive, but it’s all good.  My plan for our new home is to be very intentional with my purchases in regard to furnishings so000, stay tuned because it might take a while, although I promise there will be lots of ‘moments’ along the way;)!

The first item I ordered before we even moved in (I only ordered 3 things for this house before we moved in) was this large piece of black and white abstract art.  It’s on canvas and has a light wood frame – I just adore it!  It fills up this wall perfectly and makes a gorgeous statement in our dining room.

black and white large abstract art

Then I ordered this table and it arrived about a week ago.  I have to say I’m on the fence about the table though.  I do really love it but the color turned out to be a little more gold than I had expected based on the retailer’s description online.  I love the lines of it and I do like the finish, just not super crazy about the gold undertone.  I have to say yesterday was the first day the sun actually came out since I’ve had it and I was much happier with it in a sun filled space.

Dining room progress - modern farmhouse dining room design

You can see the finish and color here in this next photo a little better.  My husband says I’m overreacting a tad over the table color (hmmm, imagine that lol) but I have to say the warmer tone is growing on me the past couple of days.  The description on line said it was a “whitewash” but in reality it’s more of what I would call a cerused oak. “Cerused” is a unique finishing technique that really brings out the grain of the wood without causing harm or damage to the wood itself, so it can make for a beautiful piece that has a lot of character.  Additionally, I have to say that I took these photos with my iPhone and I think in my photos it looks even more gold than it does in real lift.  And when the sun is out it looks great, it’s just when it’s cloudy and at night that I’m not loving the color.  It’s strictly a personal preference and other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Modern farmhouse dining room design, hand painted love jar, black modern bowl

A few words about our dining space as well…we don’t actually have a formal dining room.  A formal dining space just wasn’t something we needed based on the way we live, entertain, etc., so we chose to have just a generous sized dining space off of our kitchen area, adjacent to the living room instead.  It’s perfect for our family and I can’t wait for our chairs to arrive soon so that we can start using it!

Modern farmhouse dining room design plans

Shop the look

But, I’m still on the fence about the tablethe table and I need your help!  Here are 3 other tables I’m looking at (along with the one I chose in the top left corner – #1) and I’d love to hear which one you like best in my space.  Please post your answer in the comments section at the end of this post and thank you for your help! I always love hearing from my wonderful readers!!  What’s your choice – 1, 2, 3 or 4??

zdesign at home modern farmhouse dining table options

And here are my thoughts on each table.  There were more but I narrowed it down to these four…

  1. This is the one I chose.  Again, love the table, just concerned about the gold undertone in the wood for my taste – and I feel like it clashes with my floors.  The price point was also great and I love the lines of it.  And it fits perfectly in my space.
  2. Love this Leanne Ford table also, just wasn’t crazy about the way it Vs on the sides/bottom but it’s still in the running.
  3. This extension dinging table is the one I originally wanted but it’s a pretty serious investment piece so I was trying to keep that in mind when I made my initial choice, although this is one I may have to revisit.  I really love this table so we’ll see.
  4. I love the legs on this table however, I’m not crazy about the rounded corners for some reason.  I’m also not sure this one wouldn’t be just as gold as the one I have now.  But I do love the look of it so again, we’ll see.

Here’s one more angle of our dining room so that you can see the rest of the space. This angle looks out over our pool and back patio.

Modern farmhouse dining room design plan for ZDesign At Home

Accessories wise, I fell in love with this olive jug artisan piece for my table the moment I saw it.  I already had this black bowl (a recent purchase though) and they paired well together on the table in front of the art I thought.

modern farmhouse dining room design - olive jar on dining table with modern black bowl

Such fun, unique pieces that I know I’ll have for a long time to come.   The hand painted texture on the olive jug is amazing…

hand painted olive jug

Hand painted olive jug

I also really love this black bowl.  The pedestal style lends itself to modern design and I love the juxtaposition of these two styles and finishes together. 

black modern CB2 bowl and olive jar

Our dining chairs for this space arrive later this week, Lord willing, so I’ll share those soon with you as well but this is the chair I decided on just below.  I love the contrast between the table and chairs and love the black cane.  I’ve always loved cane and I’m so happy it’s back in and hopefully here to stay a while!  The best part about these chairs is that they are a black high-gloss lacquer and oh so chic but practical since there is no cushion, etc.  They also have a nice wide, deep seat so they should be very comfortable compared to the last black chairs I purchased, haha!

For draperies I’ll be working with a brand I’ve admired for a while that will be making some white linen drapes for our dining room, that will make a beautiful finishing statement in here.  Not sure how soon I’ll have them but I’ll keep you posted for sure!

ZDesign At Home Dining Room plans for modern farmhouse chic dining space

And here is my full dining room design plan for this space!  I can’t wait to share it with you soon but in the meantime, don’t forget to comment below with which table you like best for my space from the graphic above – 1, 2, 3 or 4?

ZDesign At Home dining room design





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  1. I promise I’m not playing devils advocate – I like #3 the best, although #2 is a strong contender if not for that V on the ends. All beautiful tables though.

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! I completely agree and we’ll see what happens when the chairs arrive this week! Take care and thanks for stopping by!! Xoxo

  2. I love the table you chose because it is more unusual. I think when you add the black chairs it will be perfect! Your home is absolutely stunning. . I look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Laura, I am thinking the same thing. The chairs will be here on Wednesday so we’ll see…fingers crossed! Thanks for popping in to check things out! xo

  3. I like both 1 and 3 the best. I think once you get your chairs and other accessories (rug) ? You won’t notice the table color as much . Everything will look amazing together. I see what you are saying thou. I love, love your home and it’s absolutely beautiful,

    1. Debbie, thank you so much! My husband said the same thing. Usually I do a rug under the dining room table but not sure about this space yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted on that. Thanks so much for stopping by!! xo

  4. I do see the gold tone in the first picture. Not sure if I got use to it but it didn’t look so bad in the other her photos. I do thinks chair and maybe a rug will take your eye away from that!
    I do love 3, I even love 2! Table 1 is in my current runnings for a new table purchase. And even with the gold tone, still in the running!

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you for your comment. Well, the chairs arrived today and I’m happy to say I think I’m going to keep my current table as you are right – the chairs draw your eye away from it the gold tone and act as a buffer between the table and floor so now it works! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    1. Thank you for chiming in, Julie! I do love that table so much too. But after my new chairs arrived today I think I’m going to keep the one I have and not worry with it. My current table allows the legs of the chairs to be seen better as well so that’s a bonus to keeping it. I appreciate you dropping by!! xo

  5. #2 for sure!! I looked at that table too but the price tag was a little high! I went with Restoration French Contemporary Extension Table. It should arrive this week. I totally get the stain issues with some of the oak tables. Good Luck with your beautiful home!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I appreciate the input and I hope you enjoy your new table too – how exciting!! xo

  6. My favorite is #3 since I’ve been eyeing but it’s too big for my dining room. I’m waiting for the Emory extension dining table from McGee to be in stock. I agree I am not into the ceruse oak look.

    1. Hi Abby, yes #3 seems to be the one everyone loves. It is gorgeous, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for stopping by to check things out!! xo

  7. I’m looking forward to following your new home decor designs! I’m not a designer, but it seems like the space needs a table with more presence, more bulk. The current table is beautiful, but maybe too leggy considering your style of chair that your pairing with it is also leggy?
    I like #3!

    1. Hi Theresa, so the chairs arrived and they look amazing together with the table. I’ll update my post as soon as I can get a photo taken but my worry with #3 was the bulk of it and that it would hide the chair legs too much. Plus it’s wider and I need to make sure I have enough space on the backside to pull the chairs in and out. I think the one I have is working and I’ll share a picture soon! Thank you for stopping by! xo

  8. I have to say, as soon as I saw the pictures #3 really stood out for me! I love where you are going with your design, and your art is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

    1. Thank you so much, Terry! Yes, I am in complete love with the art. A very large piece that makes such a beautiful statement…I’m so glad you love it too!! xo

  9. I’m going to play devils advocate as well when I say you picked the only table that has obstruction all the way around and may make it hard to get chairs all the way under the table. Also, looks like each diner will be fighting a leg or bar in their way, if they try to cross their legs or whatever. When you get your chairs it may work out perfectly. I hope so. That’s always the first thing I think of when shopping tables. I think it’s a beautiful table and I hope you grow to love it because, yes, everything is taking so long to be delivered. I’ve been waiting on a Pottery Barn bed since Oct. 3. 😞

    1. Hi June! Oh no that’s terrible! The wait these days is almost unbearable, especially if you are trying to furnish a whole house. Fortunately there is plenty of space for the chairs and your legs all the way around my table so thankfully that’s not an issue now that the chairs have arrived. Thanks so much for commenting and I hope your PB bed arrives soon!! xo

  10. My preference is #3 and #4. Tables with legs so close to the ends makes it impossible to pull the end chairs in to sit close enough to the table. And not being 100% happy with the table….well…that could lead to regrets. I love the legs on the Laurel Table. It looks more substantial and more expensive.

    1. Both of those are beautiful options but I think I’m going to keep mine. And it may not look like it in photos but there is plenty of room for chairs and your legs thankfully – I thought of that too before ordering. But I do love #3, it’s a stunner! Thanks so much for chiming in and stopping by!! xo

  11. I like 3 and 1.
    3 is a serious investment and I am biased as I am dreaming of it fir my space also.
    Dimensions of 1 is looking better to me to keep the scale right in your space. I feel like you made a great decision.

    1. Thank you so much, Rieca! Yes, I think it’s working out. I’ll add a photo to my post soon with the chairs! Xo

  12. Number 3 gets my vote but I would have to sleep on it too for that price…so Number 1 wins! Of course if your planning to keep it as your forever table then spend the cash and buy what you love.

    1. Hi Brenda, that’s what my husband always says but I think it working out since the chairs showed up. At least for now haha, I’ll have to wait until the entire room is completed with drapes, etc. Thanks a ton for coming over to the blog!! xo

    1. Hi Annie! I agree. I love the others too but this table and chairs just fit so well together. Thank you so much for stopping by and chiming in! xo

    1. Hi Regina! I love #3 too but there’s the price. If once the room is all done I absolutely don’t love it I’ll sell it on FB and start looking around again. The chairs showing up this week made all the difference in the world! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! xo

    1. Erin, you are so sweet to stop by and comment! It looks great with my new chairs so I’m keeping it! Miss you my friend!! XOXO

  13. I’m not a designer so I don’t see the gold, and you should ultimately love what you are going to have to live with, but I would honestly keep the table. I love the simplicity and clean lines of it, with just that little extra detail with the triangle. And if you are getting a rug for under it, will that help with the clash with the floor?

    1. Hi Susan! I decided to keep the one I have. The black chairs really are fabulous and help to draw your eye away from the table, plus they go so well together so I don’t want to mess-up a mostly good thing at this point. Thanks so much for stopping by and chiming in! Not sure about a rug at this point but I will keep you all posted for sure:)! xo

  14. I think your husband might be correct on this one 🙂
    Both tables are nice. However, because #3 is visually heavier, it might anchor the room better.
    But then again, there’s the price “thing”
    Good luck. I will stay tune for the final verdict.


    1. Hi Patty! Well of course he was right;)! The chairs draw your eye away from the table and the color becomes not such a big issue anymore. Plus there is the hassle of returning it and waiting on something new, and the other table would cover the chair legs and I don’t want that. Thanks for stopping in to check things out! xo

  15. So happy you decided to keep the first table! My thinking was that when the chairs arrived they would balance out the color of the table. Glad to see that was the case. That is such a cool table! Looks so good in your dining room.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! So sweet of you to pop in, and the chairs did exactly that!! xo

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